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We are strong advocates of seniors for seniors. We usually get contacted several times each week from people needing to relinquish dogs due either their elderly owners have died or are no longer being able to care of them. For the most part the dogs also are older... 9+ years old. The dogs now are in their senior years and homeless. These senior dogs take a longer time to find homes as they are most often passed up because of their age. People young and old a like are afraid to adopt an older dog because of losing them too soon. Senior people often feel they do not want to go through losing another dog so many won't consider a senior dog. But we feel you should plan to out live your dog rather than leaving them behind. A Miniature Schnauzer's lifespan is generally 12-15 years old. I was once quoted "the first thing you have to know when you get a dog, is they are going to break your heart"... and indeed they do break your heart when they die, but that is the price of the love and all the joy they bring you. Please also realize that most of the dogs in rescue have already been through at least one home sometimes more, our goal is to make sure their next home is their final loving home.

Senior dogs make wonderful companions for senior citizens... they are often very settled and just want someone to love and cuddle with, younger dogs are much energetic and need more exercise.

So if you are a senior person or are looking for a dog for your senior relative or friend, we ask that you consider a senior dog it usually is a wonderful match for both the adopter and the dog. If you are intent on only getting a younger dog, please make contingious plans so the dog does not end up homeless in its senior years. Make sure the person that says they can be a backup for the dog can follow through, many times the same family member that said they would take the dog in should something happen is the same one dropping the dog off at the pound. Pets are not a disposable commodity!

Remember have a heart and adopt a senior dog... that is who needs you most! And you don't need to be a senior to adopt a senior! Please note we adopt out senior dogs at a reduce adoption rate... to people of any age.

"Old dogs, like old shoes, are comfortable. They might be a bit out of shape and a little worn around the edges, but they fit well." -- Bonnie Wilcox

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