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This courtesy page is a service to help individuals in the L.A. area trying to place dogs into loving homes. Below are dogs looking for homes through private parties in the Los Angeles CA area. The dogs listed on this page are not affiliated with Miniature Schnauzers & Friends Rescue and are not under our care. We bear no responsibility for any adoptions or contacts made from this page's usage. To obtain more information about any of these dog below, please use the contact information provided with each dog's description. All dogs must be spayed/neutered prior to being listed on this page.

      Private Party Adoptions!      

Koda - 1.5 years old female Miniature Schnauzer. Koda is a black and silver mini. Her owner needs to relinquish her because they are moving. Koda is spayed and up-to-date on shots. She is playful with small dogs and cats. She is friendly, loves to sit on laps, loves attention, knows when it is time for supper and treat time - a friendly reminder from Koda. She can sit and shake her paw for her treats and plays fetch with various toys. Koda enjoys going outdoors for a quick run and enjoys sitting on your lap when she is all done. Koda is housebroken. She has natural ears and docked tail and weighs approximately 15 pounds. Koda is located in Monetrey Park CA. If interested in adoption Koda please contact David at or call 323-599-7771.

Disclaimer: Miniature Schnauzers & Friends Rescue and its webmaster bear no responsibility for claims or damages arising from the use of these courtesy listings. It is offered as a free service to the community to help homeless dogs find loving homes. Information regarding adoptable dogs is provided by the caretakers of the dogs and is neither checked for accuracy or completeness nor guaranteed to be accurate or complete. The health status and behavior of any dogs found, adopted through, or listed on this page are the sole responsibility of the caretake listing the same and/or the adopting party, and by using this service, the adopting party releases Miniature Schnauzers & Friends Rescue from any and all liability arising out of or in any way connected with the adoption of a dog listed on this page.

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